164: SFFCH – East is East

164 East is East

Ah the 70’s. A time of spousal abuse, rape-y dogs and subtle paedophile jokes, at least from the portrait painted by this week film East is East, a British-Asian comedy from 1999. Ant brings this one to the table with the question: how come a film about a Muslim family in the 70’s is the most British film he has seen? So come and join the gang this week as they attempt to answer this, fall over themselves trying to remember the huge casts names and get far more mileage out of the word ‘vagina’ than you thought possible.

[Ep.164, Rec. 05/2017]


145: SFFCH – Hackers


This week on SFFCH Abi, Rich and Anthony dust off 1995’s Hackers, a movie that perfectly demonstrates what everybody wishes the nineties were like. There’s righteous hacks, a wardrobe department with scope to rival Narnia and a youth club that crosses Starlight Express with the Industrial Zone from the Crystal Maze. Listen as we revel in yet another appearance by Fisher Stevens, complete with silly clothing and accessories, as well as nineties trends and dodgy hacker patois. So if you believe that spandex is a privilege and not a right, join us as we talk about that thing we watched that time.

[Ep.145, Rec 10/2016]