285: Rasputin; Dark Servant of Destiny [1996] Movie Review

285 Rasputin

Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine!

It’s a film we’ve always wanted to watch here at Spoiler Filled Film, because of the wonderful Alan Rickman for some and because of the mad monk himself for others, and we finally had the opportunity. Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny was a TV movie from 1996, just on the cusp of the new golden age of television, which blends the myths and facts of Rasputin’s later life in the presence of Russian royalty.

284: Raising Cain [1992] Movie Review

284 Raising Cain

Ho boy! Jamie wanted some villainous John Lithgow this time around and by golly did we get it. That and sooo much more. Raising Cain is a Brian De Palma directed thriller that we had never heard of here at Spoiler Filled, which is surprising considering the amount of crazy this film has to offer. This time, the SF Crew ponder the questions: Is this meant to be a serious film or is it a parody? Who watched the best version as some of us watched the events in a different order? Is all we want in life to see John Lithgow in drag? Tune in to find out the answers.

282: Weekend At Bernie’s II [1993] Movie Review

282 Weekend at Bernies 2
Our resident sociopaths Larry and Richard are back for some more corpse stealing and bothering in, the even more inexplicable than the original, Weekend At Bernie’s 2. This time, Voodoo reanimates the corpse of Bernie to dance his way into revealing the location of his stolen fortune. Yes, you did read that correctly. Seems those 80’s executives started lacing that cocaine with something psychedelic when they became 90’s executives, it’s the only way to explain this insane movie. Rich loves it. Ant has nostalgia. Abi gets by by making up her own plot.



281: The Avengers [1998]

281 The Avengers

The 90’s was having a decent run of movie remakes of 60’s TV shows, with such fare as The Fugitive, Mission Impossible and Maverick achieving success. And then came 1998 with its remakes of Lost in Space and the subject of out podcast this week The Avengers. Based on the eccentric British spy show, the movie is suitably weird and wacky, but perhaps not in the way that Spoiler Filled Crew can get behind. Colourful teddy bear conferences, polite sword fighting, murderous clones, giant wasp robots, villainous Eddie Izzard and the weather being the true nightmare of the British people are all up for discussion this week.

280: Mr. Baseball [1992] Movie Review

280 Mr Baseball

Ant remembers liking Mr. Baseball when he watched it in his youth, but can’t quite remember why. Turns out it was probably all he half naked men in this American/Japanese culture clash sports movie. In this discussion there is: surprise at how small the actual culture clash element is (seeing as, you know, its the only thing that really differentiates it it from other baseball movies), debate on levels of noodle slurping, disbelief at the main love story and confusion how the movie seems to make baseball harder to understand for us sports n00bs.

279: The In-Laws [1979] Movie Review

279 The In Laws

We dodge a bullet this week as Rich tries to watch another Pauly Shore movie, but fate intervenes and sends us The In-Laws, an action comedy from 1979. And we are all very thankful. Is Peter Falk the CIA agent he claims to be or is he the master criminal he appears to be? Will he drive Alan Arkin, the father of his daughters fiancee, insane with his antics? Will they get involved in the most peculiar ‘car chase’ ever? Are all Central American dictators obsessed with gauche art and hand puppets? Will they get out of their hi-jinks in time to get to the wedding? Tune in to find out!

278: Alita: Battle Angel [2019] Movie Review

278 Battle Angel Alita

Ah, live-action Hollywood remakes of a Japanese anime! They’ve have had a very bad rep in the past, but this week we take a look at Alita: Battle Angel from 2019, an adaptation that has been garnering some good will. The whole crew still have their doubts though, we have been spurned so many times before. Is this the best Hollywood anime adaptation? Can we reconcile the cheesy parts with the dark violent parts? Are we all just a little bit too old for all this? Tune in to find out.

276: The Mosquito Coast [1986] Movie Review

276 The Mosquito Coast

One of Harrison Ford’s favourate roles he has played was Allie Fox in the Peter Weir directed The Mosquito Coast from 1986. Some of the crew this week agree it is one of his most impassioned performances, others think the character is too much of a douche to be enjoyed. Come and find out who in our discussion involving: creepy natives being converted with fine cloth, boring boat rides, ice-making monoliths, asparagus farming and lots of Dad metaphors.

274: Hank and Mike [2008] Movie Review

274 Hank and Mike

Abi and Rich went on a hunt to find a suitable Easter movie to look at this time on the podcast. Did they find a sweet, animated movie? How about a biblical epic? Or is it an obscure, cynical, grubby, adult-orientated comedy about unemployed Easter bunnies? I think you know the answer. If you are ‘lucky’ enough to have seen the very niche film Hank and Mike in your own scavengers hunts, then this is the discussion for you!

270: Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx [1970] Film Review

271 Quackser

What?! You’ve never heard of Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx? But it’s got Willy Wonka and Lois Lane in it. Well, the Spoiler Filled Crew are here to remedy that as we get our hands dirty going through this odd film about an Irish manure collector and salesman as he comes to terms with his job becoming redundant and his romantic struggles with a young American student. Why is this poo-peddler seemingly so attractive to the opposite sex? Is it common to only share one tie per family? Why do we have to look at so much dung? And who is this mysterious cousin in the Bronx? Tune in to find out the answer to none of these questions now!