143: SFFCH – Jingle all the Way


We just couldn’t believe that Jamie has never experienced the festive insanity that is Jingle All The Way, a crazy Schwarzenegger comedy vehicle from 1996 where he plays our muscly, well-off, Austrian/American every-man trying desperately to prove his love for his son through materialism and a slapstick search for this years popular toy. So, much like the film itself, it was a no-brainer to make it our special Christmas podcast. Rich, Abi, Ant and Jamie have watched this film commonly heralded as one of the worst Christmas films ever, but perhaps we all have a different perspective. Is it just our festive merriment or could it be this film is surprisingly well constructed? Listen in to find out about this and other curious stocking fillers like bodybuilders in a jungle gym, Mall-Santa crime syndicates, Schwarzenegger’s best on screen chase involving a bouncy ball and why Phil Hartman is sorely missed.

[Ep. 143. Rec. 11/12/2016]

142: SFFCH – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


This week Rich, Jamie and Abi talk about Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (and Michael Shannon, despite not being in it. At all.), one of the first animated feature films to follow the lauded Batman: The Animated Series. Praise abounds for Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy in their voice-over roles as The Joker and Batman respectively and eyebrows raise at the idea of Bruce Wayne snogging with a lady on his back lawn. Oh and did we mention that Jamie is in love with Stacy Keach? Tune in to hear about all these things and more, like wrestling (again) and ‘That Guys’ (not really, despite having ample opportunity to do so, Abi didn’t mention Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor once). Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill!

[Ep. 142, Rec. /2016]

141: SFFCH – Swamp Thing


“Swamp Thing! You make our hearts sing! You make everything…schlocky!”

So, Wes Craven, the “Master of Horror”, made a comic book movie. And that movie was Swamp Thing, a DC Comics adaptation, from 1982. Ant has fished this sci/fi-action-creature feature out of the swamps of his mind to present to Rich, Abi and Jamie to be suitably judged. So come an listen to us chat about the exploits of our solar-powered hero vegetation, who has seemingly been touched by the infamous Jesus Allegory, as he is pitted against sword-wielding pig-wolf monsters, a cumbersome rubber suit, every movie transition yet invented and Adrienne Barbeau’s indestructible perm (amongst her other body parts).

[Ep. 141, Rec 08/2016]

140: SFFCH – Ferngully The Last Rainforest


Abi offers up a childhood favourite for the the Spoiler Filled group to tear down and savage like evil lumberjacks hacking up a beautiful jungle forest. Rich, Anthony, Jamie and Abi each have their own axes to grind but it’s not all bad, as there is high praise for Tim Curry as the oozing, demonic personification of pollution, Hexxus, in this tree hugging Disney rip-off. There is plenty of fun to be had as the team try and figure out how exactly the baffling fairy magic works, whether Zak the bodacious tree surgeon will be believed when he tries to explain why they shouldn’t keep chopping up the outback and a whole bunch more as we get Batty discussing Ferngully.

[Ep. 140, Rec 17/07/16]