102: SFFCH – Candy

102 Candy SF

Ever wondered what a porn movie would be like without any porn? Or ever wondered what Alice in Wonderland would be like if you replaced all the weird and wonderful creatures with creepy lecherous men? Well, then, you are in luck Spoiler Filled Fans as Rich has presented us with a bumper box of ‘Candy’ from 1968. Listen in as He, Abi and Jamie discuss this surreal sexual farce as they get tempted by the delicious, all-star cast, ponder whether Richard Burton should have a wind machine in all his movies and try to figure out just where these ‘humourous’ sexual situations were. Did they satisfy their sweet tooths or have they been left with a blinding sugary headache? Either way, join them as they try and satiate their giant, overpowering NEED! on Candy.


(N.B. For greater podcast effect, it is also performed in Welsh*)

*it is not performed in Welsh.

(Ep 102, Rec 2015)

101: SFFCH – Ravenous

101 Ravenous SF

Here at Spoiler Filled we ‘hunger’ for late 90’s black humour, we are ‘famished’ for shameless gore and we are ‘gluttonous’ for the inevitable homo-eroticism of supernatural cryptozoology… So listen in as Rich, Ant and Jamie ‘voraciously’ bite into 1999’s Ravenous, a tale of cannibalism in the cold American frontier. Listen as we satiate our appetites on cannibal caves, an unusual soundtrack, a freaky Robert Carlyle, a bland(!) Guy Pearce and…well, the less we say about Jeffrey Jones, the better.

100!: SFFCH – The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen


We’re not really sure how, but in three years we have managed to hit our centenary. That’s 100 movies watched, analysed, spoiled, hosed down in icy water, powdered and sent off to live on our shelf of honour or our bin of endless obscurity. We had to bring something special to the table this turn round, so Anthony finally brings forward ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ where we finally tackle a film by one of the legends of peculiar and obscure cinema, Terry Gilliam.

Listen in as  Rich, Ant, Abi and Jamie still forget how to conduct a podcast, even after 100 episodes, and discuss just how so much can be going on on-screen yet so little can be happening. Listen as the unfettered, George-Lucas-esque imagination of Gilliam assaults us on all fronts with hot-air balloons made from knickers, extravagant entrances in seashells and the floating decapitated head of Robin Williams.

We are surprised by the lack of good jokes from two Monty Python alumni, sink our teeth into our good-ol’ themes of storytelling and imagination vs. reality and, while we all can appreciate Gilliam’s ‘unique’ style, can we all stomach this exorbitant banquet of surreal decadence? Tune in now to find out!

(Also, eyes peeled for the obligatory Terry Gilliam ‘small person’.)

(Ep 100, Rec 2015)

099: SFFCH – The Harder They Come

099 The Harder They Come SF

Put your giant, colourful rasta hat on, we’re taking a trip to Jamaica circa 1972. This time the ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ is all about ‘The Harder They Come’ and the exploits of mango picker turned musician turned gangster Ivan, played by IRL musician Jimmy Cliff. We hope you’ll join us as we chat about, the oddity of having a language barrier between English speakers and English speakers,  the wonders of  Jamaican fashion in the 70s, the cruel and usual music industry presented in the film and more things besides. “Sit tight and listen keenly while I play for you another brand-new [podcast] biscuit from the [Spoiler Filled] empire.”

(Ep 99, Rec 2015)

098: SFFCH – The Bride

098 The Bride SF

Re-animate your corpse and play this episode of ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’, in which we summoned ‘The Bride’ back from it’s death in 1985. We ponder the consequences of what we’ve done, should we have left it undisturbed? Well it’s done now so listen in as we discuss variation in quality between the two stories told in the film, the lumbersome performance of Sting that contrasts with the pieces of Clancy Brown goodness and the stupidity of not explaining what cats are and yet somehow divulging knowledge about lions. Would Mary Shelley have enjoyed the inclusion of a savvy dwarf to her story as we did? We will never know. Unless someone re-animated her corpse and then asked her? (Ep 98, Rec 2015)

097: SFFCH – Sightseers

097 Sightseers SF

Welcome to Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, where on this occasion Ant has brought in the quirky and gruesome ‘Sightseers’ for  Rich, Jamie and himself to talk about . This 2012 horror film captures so well the ambivalence of the good old fashioned caravan holiday only with a couple of serial killers involved. There’s plenty to talk about this time ‘round  such as: an obnoxious  hen party, a suicide pact, dog napping, cyclist ‘accidents’, rambler bludgeonings and an ambiguous ending. The film receives a limited recommendation from the podcast crew, who might be very, very disturbed.

Note we should state that Abi and Oli do not collect ‘Clomp von Clomps’. They have exactly one and it will stay that way. (ep 97 rec 2015)

096: SFFCH – The Last Samurai

096 The Last Samurai SF

The ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ team verbally take on ‘The Last Samurai’  from 2003. Listen in as Rich, Jamie, Ant and Abi think about Tom Cruise and this epically long film. Yes, it is strange that they got Billy Connolly to play an Irish person, and that anyone likes Tom Cruise, or is it? It’s nice that it’s Ken Watanabe’s first English language performance, but we may have liked a less ambiguous ending, and for it to be slightly less Hollywood-y, oh and it not to have had dragged out in the middle so much. I sure there are more qualms to be had but you’ll need to listen to find out.  It’s Guns Vs Swords time! (Ep 96, Rec 2015)

095: SFFCH – Wing Commander

095 Wing Commander SF

Will a long hated disaster be reprieved or will Abi’s choice of 1999’s ‘Wing Commander’ prove to be the ultimate nail in its coffin. Yes, it’s time for Rich, Abi and Ant to have a not too hate-filled chat about the movie, for Rich to try and talk about ‘Star Trek’ similarities despite not knowing anything about the show, for everyone to speculate about the games without having played them, and for some discussion on why the story really doesn’t make much sense at all. Overall, it’s not quite as bad a movie as its reputation, but the word ‘generic’ does pop up frequently and the Crew do seem to want to execute the Lillard character ruthlessly. That’s normal, isn’t it? Oh, and the Jivelander from the film ‘Highlander’ does appear in this movie. Go, Quarshie, go! (Ep 95, Rec 2015)

094: SFFCH – Plunkett & Macleane

094 Plunkett and Macleanr

Get your massive powdered wigs ready, as it’s time once again for ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’, on this occasion talking about Rich’s choice of ‘Plunkett & Maclean’ from 1999. Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chat about this British bit of hokum, with a then soon to be famous starry cast. Is it a modernised historical drama? Is it an excuse to make everyone a bit dirty? Well, listen in and maybe you’ll find out. It is rare to find a sympathetic Robert Carlyle character, the prototypes for the Armstrong and Miller airmen, and common people aplenty in a period romp. On the other hand they do have the old pocket bullet stopper trick, and a slightly problematic female character so the regular boxes are ticked. (Ep 94, Rec 2015)