237 – Pet Sematary [1986] Movie Review

237 Pet Sematary


This week Rich, Abi, Anthony and Jamie settle in to talk about the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s book ‘Pet Sematary’ and, oh, how we regret it. Listen in now to hear a rare instance of ‘Muse On The Book Time!” because one of us actually read it for once and Rich’s attempt at a Maine accent. There’s also giving props to Clancy Brown for being absolutely corking in the sequel, heaping praise on the Ramones and an inevitable wrestling reference through the conduit of a shoe.


236 – Nacho Libre [2006] Movie Review

236 Nacho Libre


This week Rich, Abi and Jamie elbow drop from the top rope into Nacho Libre from 2006, a comedy about a monk who secretly becomes a lucha libre wrestler to raise money to feed the children at the orphanage he serves in.

Listen in now to hear them invent the brand new sport of macho libre, starring Nacho Man Randy Savage, and discuss the pros and cons of Jack Black’s absurd accent, as well as singing the praises of toast comedy and completely ballsing up Micheal Shannon’s height by an entire twelve inches, at least.

235: SFFCH – A Dangerous Method [2011]

235 A Dangerous Method.jpg

Remember David Cronenberg? The guy who made all those creepy-ass, surreal, body horror films? Well, turns out his tastes have taken a turn for the…normal. Sort of. Maybe. He has also seemingly taken a liking to actor Viggo Mortensen too, this being his third film in a row staring him. He still likes making you uncomfortable though, which is still evident in some scenes in this weeks choice A Dangerous Method, a film about the relationship between famous psychologist Carl Jung, his patient Sabrina and founder of psychoanalysis himself Sigmund Freud.

[Ep.235, Rec. 02/2019]