120: SFFCH – Being There

121 Being There

What happens when a great character actor plays a character-less character…? Well, that’s what Rich, Abi and Jamie are here to find out this week with one of Peter Seller’s final films ‘Being There’. Come and listen about this slow, subtle and strange satire of upper-crust society as it is accidently infiltrated by Sellers’ simple gardener Chance. Highlights include: enigmatic garden metaphors, an awkward sex scene and Rich having a bit of a problem with ‘that’ ending. Oh, and of course, Basketball Jones.

[Ep. 120, Rec 2016]

119: SFFCH – The Prophecy

119 The Prophecy

Even though he does keep popping up in some dodgy films, we all need a little more Christopher Walken in our lives, and ‘Spoiler Filled’ is here to oblige you with Ant’s choice of ‘The Prophecy’ plucked out of the late-Nineties weird movie obsession with angels and demons. You best find yourself a good perching spot this time around as Rich, Abi and Ant discuss such topics as: making out with corpses, suicidal zombie henchmen and Viggo Mortensen hiding under your bed.

[Ep. 119, Rec 2016]

118: SFFCH – My Dog Tulip

118 My Dog Tullip

Who doesn’t wanna talk about the toileting habits and sexual proclivities of dogs, am I right? I know we do. Join Abi and Rich as they talk about this animation from 2009 based on the memoir of writer J.R. Ackerley, recounting his relationship, in frank and explicit detail, with a rescue dog named Tulip. If you’re interested in hearing about poop, crotchety old men and/or Christopher Plummer, then this is one for you.


[Ep. 118 Rec 2016]