234: SFFCH – Magic [1978]

234 Magic.jpg

A filmed called Magic, that’s actually about murderous ventriloquism, starring Welsh acting God Anthony Hopkins and directed by Santa himself Richard Attenborough certainly appealed to the Spoiler Filled Crew this week, and from very different angles for everyone. Did we manage to find the least schlock-iest film based around killer dummies or does it all become a little bit ‘Goosebumps’ despite the talent behind it? Tune in to find out!

[Ep. 234, Rec 02/19]

233: SFFCH – Slade in Flame [1975]

233 Slade in Flame

This week Abi and Rich have a good old chinwag about Flame, featuring Slade, otherwise known as Slade in Flame. Listen in now to hear them gush with nostalgia for a period they were never participant to and wax lyrical on the ‘drunken carousel for the eyes’ that was 1970s clothes, haircuts, hats and wallpaper. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry to Anthony and sorry to Dave Hill. We love you really. Mwah.

[Ep. 233, Rec. 02/2019]

232: SFFCH – Gypsy [1962]

232 Gypsy.jpg

It’s musical time again! Break out your swirly skirts, your false sense of spirituality and your inability to settle down and come and experience Gypsy with the Spoiler Filled crew. It’s a film about the life of Gypsy Rose Lee (sort of), burlesque (sort of) and difficult relationships with parents (it’s mainly this). Prepare yourself for some forgettable songs, hoarse singing voices, constant screwball comedy, strange vaudeville acts, child labour, very tame striptease and a tour-de-force performance by Rosalind Russell who very thematically steals the show.

[Ep. 232, Rec. 01/2019]