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Drawn by Spoiler Filled’s resident artist Richard Nicholas.
Drawn by Spoiler Filled’s resident artist Richard Nicholas.


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059: SFFCH – The Vikings

059 The Vikings SF

Long, long ago, in 1958, there were Vikings! Abi has taken Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray into deep history by choosing ‘The Vikings’, featuring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine. Bring your shields and swords, and when you finish send this podcast recording out to sea on a burning barge in memorial. Rich, Abi and Ant have a great time with this movie, enjoying the comparatively high authenticity and starry cast but wondering why it’s comparatively little known. Some notes and corrections: Ernest Borgnine was not in ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’, Asterix and Obelix weren’t Vikings, and Wales is indeed a giant slagheap. It’s also interesting to listen to the reactions to representations of historic fact. (Ep 59, Rec 2014)

058: SFFCH – A Town Called Panic

058  Town Called Panic SF

Anarchy strikes at Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray as Rich steers the discussion to Belgian animation in the form of ‘A Town Called Panic’ from 2009. That’s right, the Film Bin Crew are attempting to do some ‘culture’. It’s got to be cultural as it’s got subtitles, yes? ‘A Town Called Panic’ is a Cannes-nominated movie about an Indian, a Cowboy and a Horse all living together, and in which the narrative is about the repercussions of Cowboy and Indian accidentally buying Horse 50 million bricks to build a birthday barbecue instead of 50. It’s rather barmy but endearing and the Crew have a lovely time, and we hope you will too. This podcast was not sponsored by Cravendale. (Ep 58, Rec 2014)

057: SFFCH – Convoy

057 Convoy SF

Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray bumps along the road to 1978, to the mysterious and enigmatic and very silly movie ‘Convoy’ from 1978. Yes, it’s Peckinpah prototyping ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, with more CB radio handles than might be found in ten other trucker movies! Are there ten other trucker movies? Should there be more? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chat about this crazy film, which features grizzled Kris Kristofferson as ‘Rubber Duck’ and one of the greatest bar fights in movie history. Oh, Peckinpah, you would choose to make a movie based on a novelty song, wouldn’t you? It is a good song, though, and inspired something really interestingly strange in this movie. None of us are truckers. (Ep 57, Rec 2014)

056: SFFCH – Exorcist 2

056 Exorcist 2 SF

Jamie chooses  ‘The Exorcist 2’ (aka ‘The Heretic’) for this Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray. At least he apologises beforehand for putting the crew through this ordeal! This is after all allegedly one of the ‘worst movies of all time’… Listen in as Rich, Jamie, Ant and Abi relive this movie and go through it in exorbitant detail. Feel Jamie’s pain, and Abi’s surrogate ‘Highlander 2’ survivor guilt. Ponder the peril of putting a drunken Richard Burton in your film. Wonder at the lack of caring at the immensely important dream sharing machine, and the all star cast trapped in something truly terrible from 1977. What was it all about, really? We have no answers, only confusion!  (Ep 56, Rec 2014)

055: SFFCH – Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

055 MemInvisManSF

Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray turns its attention to John Carpenter and his 1992 effort ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’, as suggested by Rich. Notable for the traditional Carpenter love of practical effects but also for not being called ‘John Carpenter’s Memoirs of an Invisible Man’ this is one of the definitive mixed bags of film-dom, as exemplified by the choice of the ever divisive Chevy Chase in the leading role. Join Rich, Ant and Abi, as they puzzle through a movie in which Sam Neill DOESN’T DIE, we have the classical shoehorned in romance, a mess of different genres and lack of focus, some inspired physical comedy sequences, Mike McKean, and an unfortunate brown-face makeup. (Ep 55, Rec 2014)

054: SFFCH – Vampire’s Kiss

054 VampiresKiss SF

Can you feel the weirdness? Is it permeating out of the speakers even before you click and listen to this ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray’? Yes, this time Abi has selected ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ from 1989. Oh, this movie has more strangeness and more Nicholas Cage than any other movie you could possibly view. It has so much Nicholas Cage that it can’t even be classified as good or bad! Join Rich, Abi, Jamie and Ant as they talk about the alphabet scene, Jamie’s Law Of Cage, the bizarre crying scene, and wondering exactly when the movie shifts from reality to the full delusional splendour. If you’re curious, and if you have some plastic fangs, then please listen in. It’s not “Too Late!” (Ep 54, Rec 2014)

053: SFFCH – Accidental Hero

053 Accidental Hero SF

This time on ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray’, Ant brings the 1992 film ‘Accidental Hero’ (or ‘Hero’ outside the UK and Ireland) to the podcast table for a spirited and spoiler filled chat. It’s a mixed conversation for Rich, Ant, Jamie and Abi, with some chatter on the tonal clashes of the piece, the usual notes on Geena Davis’s extra loud crying, and the apparent wastage of Chevy Chase as some straight-laced newspaper guy, not to mention our thoughts on Hoffman as this unusual protagonist.

Note: The numerous mentions of ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’ are not in any way a recommendation for said film and Film Bin will not be held responsible for any irresponsible viewing of same.  (Ep 53, Rec 2014)