242: The Nutty Professor [1963] Movie Review

242 The Nutty Professor

No, not Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. It’s the original version from the Sixties, and the film that launched a million impressions.


241: Lucky [2017] Movie Review

241 Lucky

We’ve watched a few films staring Harry Dean Stanton on the podcast before, but never with him in the lead role. They are few and far between sadly, but i guess we got ‘lucky’ with Jamie’s choice this week. It is the directional debut of prolific ‘that-guy’ actor John Carroll Lynch (look him up, you’ll know him), stars the prolific ‘weird-movie’ director David Lynch (no relation) and even though it has a very simple plot, we still have some difficulty summing it up. Be prepared for unexpected Mariachi singing, runaway tortoises, chain smoking, stoned Liberace and shouting profanities at gardens.

240: Logan’s Run [1976] Movie Review

240 Logans Run

“Oh Mr Sandman, bring me a movie. Make it a Sci-Fi where you die when thirty.
Give it some sex, some cats and an old Mall, and weird things through which we all must trawl”

Why did Abi want to watch 1976’s Logan’s Run? Was it for the dystopian view of a future filled with promiscuous sex, cosmetic surgery and a society run by computers? Was it for the 70’s Sci-Fi aesthetic? Was it for the performance of the ever wonderful Peter Ustinov? Or was it because of Michael York’s fabulous hair? Either way, we all found something of our own to enjoy this week, in a discussion about: slow-motion sex clubs, floating death Segways, cat poetry and going for a ride on the Carousel of Death!

239 – Weekend at Bernie’s [1989] Movie Review

239 Weekend at Bernies

Ah, Weekend at Bernie’s! What were those 80’s executives snorting when they came up with this one!? Well, the Spoiler Filled Crew are somewhat thankful they did as some have fond memories of this ridiculous oddity. However, someone may have a slightly less nostalgia-tinged opinion of this dumb farce. Yes, it is centered on the one joke of pretending a dead guy is alive. Yes, the main protagonists are insane arseholes and yes, the best performance is from the man pretending to be a corpse, but come on! It’s Weekend at Bernie’s! Right? Right?!

238 – The Rock (1996) Movie Review

This week Anthony thought we all needed a bit more Nicolas Cage in our lives. Or is it Nic Cage? Dammit Jamie, you’re never around to explain your crackpot theories when we need you! With this in mind, Anthony offered up The Rock to be mauled and manhandled by Abi and Rich. Listen in as the three of them discuss the merits of deadly, shiny green balls, Sean Connery’s ever compelling accent and the possibly of the movie being considered one of Michael Bay’s best. Ah, the halcyon days before he got entangled with CGI robots. They also wrestle with the question ‘How many explosions is too many explosions?”, try to hammer down rules about puns and relish in the brief but picante bouts of Cage’s mania that we’d all been so looking forward to. Enjoy!

237 – Pet Sematary [1986] Movie Review

237 Pet Sematary


This week Rich, Abi, Anthony and Jamie settle in to talk about the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s book ‘Pet Sematary’ and, oh, how we regret it. Listen in now to hear a rare instance of ‘Muse On The Book Time!” because one of us actually read it for once and Rich’s attempt at a Maine accent. There’s also giving props to Clancy Brown for being absolutely corking in the sequel, heaping praise on the Ramones and an inevitable wrestling reference through the conduit of a shoe.


236 – Nacho Libre [2006] Movie Review

236 Nacho Libre


This week Rich, Abi and Jamie elbow drop from the top rope into Nacho Libre from 2006, a comedy about a monk who secretly becomes a lucha libre wrestler to raise money to feed the children at the orphanage he serves in.

Listen in now to hear them invent the brand new sport of macho libre, starring Nacho Man Randy Savage, and discuss the pros and cons of Jack Black’s absurd accent, as well as singing the praises of toast comedy and completely ballsing up Micheal Shannon’s height by an entire twelve inches, at least.

235: SFFCH – A Dangerous Method [2011]

235 A Dangerous Method.jpg

Remember David Cronenberg? The guy who made all those creepy-ass, surreal, body horror films? Well, turns out his tastes have taken a turn for the…normal. Sort of. Maybe. He has also seemingly taken a liking to actor Viggo Mortensen too, this being his third film in a row staring him. He still likes making you uncomfortable though, which is still evident in some scenes in this weeks choice A Dangerous Method, a film about the relationship between famous psychologist Carl Jung, his patient Sabrina and founder of psychoanalysis himself Sigmund Freud.

[Ep.235, Rec. 02/2019]

234: SFFCH – Magic [1978]

234 Magic.jpg

A filmed called Magic, that’s actually about murderous ventriloquism, starring Welsh acting God Anthony Hopkins and directed by Santa himself Richard Attenborough certainly appealed to the Spoiler Filled Crew this week, and from very different angles for everyone. Did we manage to find the least schlock-iest film based around killer dummies or does it all become a little bit ‘Goosebumps’ despite the talent behind it? Tune in to find out!

[Ep. 234, Rec 02/19]

233: SFFCH – Slade in Flame [1975]

233 Slade in Flame

This week Abi and Rich have a good old chinwag about Flame, featuring Slade, otherwise known as Slade in Flame. Listen in now to hear them gush with nostalgia for a period they were never participant to and wax lyrical on the ‘drunken carousel for the eyes’ that was 1970s clothes, haircuts, hats and wallpaper. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry to Anthony and sorry to Dave Hill. We love you really. Mwah.

[Ep. 233, Rec. 02/2019]