261: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane [1962] Movie Review

260 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.jpg

What could be so scary about two old ladies living alone in a suburban house? Well, that’s what we’re going to discover this week on SFFCH as Rich brings to the table the wonderfully tense and discomforting What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, a movie famous for it’s its off screen antics just as much for its on screen action.

260: The Devil Rides Out [1968] Film review

261 The Devil Rides Out

This week the crew lie down in the chalk circle to discuss Hammer Horror’s The Devil Rides Out, starring Christopher ‘I know what a man sounds like when you stab him in the back’ Lee. Listen in now to hear how to quash evil by the strategic deployment of tea etiquette and how the British substitute hedonistic orgies with a light buffet and some terrible dancing. Enjoy!

259: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll [2010] Film Review

259 SnDnRnR

This week Rich, Abi and Anthony review Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll from 2010, wherein Andy Serkis is not only visible but also enjoying an adventure in sideburns and wigs. Listen in now to hear our panel speculate wildly on the truths and lies of Dury’s legendary life and use some choice language to describe the man himself. Enjoy!

258: Braindead a.k.a Dead/Alive [1992] Movie Review

258 Braindead.jpg

Well, seeing as the only thing you can do with movie trilogies these days is to awkwardly stretch them out into quad-rilogies, that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Spoiler Filled with our own New Zealand Trilogy. How could we talk about Kiwi Cinema without covering the main man himself Peter Jackson and his unique style of splatter horror comedy!? Braindead from 1992 is just stuffed with so many wonderful and disgusting things we cant wait to burst it open and revel in it’s cinematic innards.

257: Singles [1992] Movie Review

257 Singles.jpg

Jamie is truly in his element this week as he brings Singles from 1992 to the table, a film steeped in the music scene of early 90’s Seattle. Abi, too, is in here element as the film features Matt Dillon. Rich should be in his element given his track record with offbeat Rom Coms, but perhaps this one is a little too conventional. So come and listen whether we decide if this film is either a symphony of splendor or some bland background music.

256: The Omega Man [1971] Movie Review

256 The Omega Man.jpg

The novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, written in 1954, has been a major influence on sci-fi and horror media since its inception, from vampire and zombie culture to apocalyptic disaster. The Omega Man [1971] is one of a number of more direct adaptations of the novel over the years, and seeing as we love a ‘Last Man On Earth’ film here at Spoiler Filled we thought we would give it a gander. Come and join our conversation on this movie, but be on the look out for: nocturnal albino Luddite monks, Charlton Heston mostly talking to himself (when not talking to statues), some actually interesting ideas and lots of B-Movie fluff too.

255: The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot [2018]


And the Award for Greatest Film Title goes to…The Man Who Killed Hitler And The The Bigfoot from 2018. Rich loves all things Bigfoot, not so much Hitler, and he certainly loves insanely weird film names with hefty promises. Well, despite the extremely ‘B-Movie’ premise there is a lot of quality to it, but can this movie even possibly live up to all the promise of the title?

254: The Blues Brothers [1980] Movie Review

254 The Blues Brothers.jpg

We had to purge the memory of Dan Aykroyd’s turn in Nothing But Trouble last time on the podcast, so this time we turn to one of his most loved movie outings, The Blues Brothers. Despite it being one of Aykroyd’s and John Belushi’s famous movies, it still remains firmly a cult classic, even though it gave rise to the simplest Halloween costumes ever. We can see the flaws in the movie, but are they outweighed by the classic music, the ridiculous action and the cool comedy? Tune in to find out. HIT IT!


253: Nothing But Trouble [1991] Movie Review

253 Nothing But Trouble(1).jpg

After watching the trailer for Dan Aykroyd’s only directing credit Nothing But Trouble, the Spoiler Filled Crew figured the film couldn’t possibly be as bad as the trailer made it look. And we were right! It was sooooooo much worse. Some of the crew can kinda see what he was going for, but all of them are still totally flummoxed by this insane miss-fire of a movie, whose “highlights” include; John Candy in drag, inconsistent cartoon logic, impractical booby traps, Chevy Chase on particularly obnoxious form, highly distracting, horrible make up effects and the most unexpected cameo from Digital Underground ever.

252: To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar [1995] Movie Review


We follow on with the theme of Girl Power from our previous episode in the most subversive way we could think of. That is to say we’re reviewing a film about men dressed as women. And if you think this looks like a cheap rip-off of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, then you’re not wrong, but certainly has a little unique charm of it’s own. Chosen mainly for it’s ridiculous title, Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar, features: a very convincing performance by Leguizamo, a very funny bar-room ramble from Chris Penn, an extremely brief cameo from Robin Williams in Birdcage mode and just plenty of faux feminine charm.