111: SFFCH – Shine

111 Shine SF

SFFCH – Shine

Daddy issues abound this time as we make a return visit to Australia here at ‘Spoiler Filled’ with the 1996 film ‘Shine’, which is based on the life of pianist David Helfgott and his on-going mental decline. Join Abi, Rich and Jamie as they debate the developing genre of ‘’Oscar-Bait ‘movies, marvel at how the film celebrates the ‘rockstar’ piano pieces and find the pun in the term ‘trampolining pianist’!

[Ep. 111 Rec 2015]

110: SFFCH – Three To Tango

110 Three to Tango SF

SFFCH – Three to Tango

Unfortunately we had to lock up Jamie in the ‘Spoiler Filled’ basement so we could have some poetic license this time around as the trio of Rich, Abi and Ant dance their way into 1999’s ‘Three to Tango’, a romantic comedy starring Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell. Now, romantic comedies are not really our forte here at ‘Spoiler Filled’ but it seems like Rich has chosen one we can all get behind, despite being as formulaic as all the rest. This time around we are surprised by the competitive cut-throat world of architecture, ponder whether ‘gay’ is contagious in the film and shamelessly mock Matthew Perry’s awfully 90’s haircut. Oh, you also best watch out for a…




[Ep 110, Rec 2015]

109: SFFCH – Noroi, The Curse

109 Noroi The Curse SF

SFFCH – Noroi: The Curse

That’s it! ‘Spoiler Filled’ is getting a second home in Japan because we clearly can’t get enough of the place! This time it’s Jamie’s turn to delve into the country’s back catalogue and its notorious love for the horror genre, where he uncovers the suitably obscure ‘Noroi’ a.k.a. ‘The Curse’ from 2005.  There is some initial scepticism from Rich and Ant as they have been scorned by ‘found footage’ films in the past, but Japan has a special place in their hearts that they can’t help but relent. So join us this time around as we discuss whether the main character looks like a giant chubby baby, how non-filmic the film actually is, the wonderfully crazy tin-foil guy and more dead babies than Rich can handle.

Arigato, o tanoshimi kudasai!!!! ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯

[Ep 109, Rec 2015]

108: SFFCH – Thunderbird 6

108 Thunderbird 6

Is it a mythical bird? Is it a flashy stunt plane? Is it a cheap fortified wine for hobos…? No! It’s 1968 British marionette science-fiction adventure film ‘Thunderbird 6’ which has been plucked from modern day obscurity by Ant for the ‘pleasure’ of Rich and Abi (and yourself dear, precious listener). We cannot dispute the fact the film is a technical masterpiece, but we can question everything else such as: ‘what better qualification for being international heros than being super mega rich?’, ‘with all that money couldn’t they have afforded a better uniform?’ and ‘just what is this film saying about class divisions?’. So prepare yourself for the ridiculously lavish exploits of the ‘1%’ which involves some ‘wooden’ acting, some dark deaths and body disposal and a cold, COLD Alan Tracy.

[Ep 108, Rec 2015]