135: SFFCH – Willie Dynamite


Alright, calm down! Settle down in the back there! There’s enough childish sniggering going on in this week’s podcast already where we finally return to the land of blaxploitation, a mysterious place full of guns, breasts, pimps, ‘hoes and colourful costumes. Now, it may sound like a gay adult movie or a particularly nasty venereal disease, but “Willie Dynamite” from 1974 is discovered to be a surprisingly complex affair despite being chosen for…other reasons. Rich presents this film to Abi, Anthony and Jamie this time and they get to grips with such topics as parallels between capitalists and pimps, oddly concealed weapons, ‘bottom bitches’ and the greatest conference of pimps ever seen.

[Ep. 135, Rec. 12/06/16]

134: SFFCH – Man on the Moon


“Troll” –  a person who posts inflammatory or inappropriate messages or comments online for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking a response.

“Andy Kaufman” –  a person who made inflammatory or inappropriate remarks or comments in person for the purpose of upsetting other people and provoking a response.

This week Rich, Abi and Jamie talk about ‘Man On The Moon’ a film about Andy Kaufman that prints the legend with the occasional sprinkling of truth. Comedy, wrestling and the complexities of identity all come under the microscope this week and we reflect on the parallels between Kaufman and Jim Carrey, who portrays him in the movie. Also, does anyone else remember those little triangles they used to put on videos at the rental store to tell you the box was empty? Actually, the better question is: Does anyone else remember video rental stores?
[Ep. 134. Rec 05/06/2016]

133: SFFCH: Xanadu


This week we all decided to see what all the fuss was about and watch Xanadu, a film that purports to be about a muse coming down to earth to inspire an artist to enter into a partnership with a retired band-leader and open a nightclub but is actually about nothing at all and is very upsetting for all concerned. Listen as Rich, Abi, Anthony and especially Jamie unravel as they try to get to grips with the assault on the eyes and ears that is Xanadu.

[Ep. 133, Rec 29/05/16]