154: SFFCH – The ‘Burbs

154 Burbs
What’s this!? Yet another returning director?! Are we getting too nostalgic here at ‘Spoiler Filled’? Of course we bloomin’ are! Have you not listened to us before?! Actually, don’t answer that. Jamie returns our gaze towards Joe Dante with his choice of The ‘Burbs from 1989 where we’re all surprised to remember that we actually really like Tom Hanks. We keep forgetting for some reason. We reflect on why this film isn’t as dark as we expect, deliberate on the many great slapstick moments and wonder why Rick Ducommun wasn’t in more films.
R.I.P Carrie Fisher

[Ep. 154, Rec 02/2017]

153: SFFCH – Zardoz

153 Zardoz

It’s the return of another director we’ve touched on in the past and it’s a whole different kind of mental this time as we attempt to comprehend the wondrous insanity that is John Boorman’s Zardoz from 1974. We should have been clued in by our past viewing of Exorcist II as to the quality of Boorman’s work, but how could we turn down such an iconic “bad” movie. Notice the inverted commas there, as perhaps we find this film surprisingly complex. We keep the mentions of Sean Connery’s pants to a minimum somehow, but we do indulge in a couple of impressions. Sho Shorry.

[Ep. 153, Rec. 02/2017]

152: SFFCH – Big Trouble in Little China

152 Big T in L C

We have had our brushes with ‘obscure’ John Carpenter in the past, but this time we’re going all out with ‘classic’ John Carpenter as we charge on into the weird labyrinth that is Big Trouble in Little China from 1986. It’s a true-to-form midnight movie nostalgia-thon for most of the crew this week, but one of us has some dissenting words. Come and listen to whom bucks the trend in a film about fighting in various rooms, weird classic Hollywood impressions, nightmare fuel monsters that are barely seen and every vaguely Asian-looking actor Hollywood could muster in the 80’s. [ Except Mr Miyagi  😦  ]

[Ep. 152 – Rec 01/2016]