124: SFFCH – The Flamingo Kid

124 The Flamingo Kid

Sweet Gin-Ger Brown, we got a Matt Dillon film. Abi likes him. Ant doesn’t. Rich has no strong opinions on the guy. So we have a fairly balanced view coming into this week’s film, 1984’s ‘The Flamingo Kid’, a coming-of-age story about a Brooklyn teenager’s Summer working at a ‘posh’ beach resort and the various life lessons he learns. It’s a nice, laid-back and understated film this time with a decent 60’s soundtrack, but perhaps nothing too remarkable. Although we do enjoy the comedic observations, get a bit miffed at the peculiar cross-language grammar and left feeling awkward by the prospect of a joint massage.


[Ep. 124, Rec. Mar 2016]

123: SFFCH – Looking For Eric

123 Looking for Eric

We’re film fans here at Spoiler Filled, not football fans. But perhaps we are football film fans? Although this weeks focus, ‘Looking for Eric’ by acclaimed British director Ken Loach, isn’t what we would consider your typical sports movie, seeing that no sport is really played. Instead we have a kind of gateway sports movie about a stressed postman having his life straightened out by a cannabis induced delusion of Eric Cantona. Rich, Abi and Ant discover a new appreciation for the philosophical french footballer in this episode, where other things up for discussion include: how extremely British the film is and how slyly mature it gets.


[Ep. 123, Rec Feb 2016]

122: SFFCH – That Championship Season

122 That Championship Season

We delve back into obscurity this week with the awkwardly named ‘That Championship Season’ from 1982. Written and Directed by Jason Miller, famous for playing an angsty priest in The Exorcist (that’s right, it’s Jamie’s pick again!), the film follows 4 men who were part of a championship-winning, high school basketball team meeting up with their old coach years later. Once a tight-knit group of friends, each man now has his own mid-life crisis and a different perspective of their lives. The film is based on an award-winning play and involves an excellent cast, but perhaps directing is not one of Jason Miller’s strengths. Better keep an eye open for unnecessary elephants, oddly-pantied cheerleaders and lots of middle-aged white-men problems.

[Ep. 122, Rec. Feb 2016]

121: SFFCH – 12 Angry Men

120 12 Angry Men

Want to make a moralistic tale that makes you question stereotypes and prejudices? Better get yourself some Henry Fonda! Here, we have him playing Juror Number 8 in 1957’s ’12 Angry Men’, a film that all cinema books tell us is a ‘must see’. So ¬†join us as we poetically analyze, scrutinize, argue over and pass judgement ¬†over that claim and see what verdict we pass over this film about sweaty, opinionated men in a small, hot room. Oh, and come see how in-depth we can symbolize the film with a Kinder Egg.

[Ep. 121, Rec. Feb 2016]