036: SFFCH – Mr Nanny

036 Mr NannySF

‘Mr Nanny’ was released in 1993 and is still not expunged from history, so ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ considers it fair game. Join Rich, Abi and Ant as they pile through one of Hulk Hogan’s earliest cinematic efforts and wonder at the evils of little children and where the subtle dividing line between comic violence and sadistic torture really lies. Also, much wrestling talk as the true reasoning behind this choice becomes clear. (Ep 36, Rec 2013)

035: SFFCH – Amos & Andrew

035 Amos  and AndrewSF

Nic Cage and Samuel L. Jackson! What could you want from a film? This time Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray is talking about ‘Amos and Andrew’ from 1993, and we think it might be some bizarre transitional Cage between total loon and serious actor. Oh, and there’s Dabney Coleman too, a plot that spirals into parody, the great Nic Cage hair debate, prejudice in films, a parallel with Die Hard 3 and the great Bob Balaban, So there is more than enough for Rich, Jamie and Abi to chew over. So listen in or will call the Sheriff on ya. (Ep 35, Rec 2013)

034: SFFCH – Posse

034 PosseSF

Anthony has brought Billy Zane back into the Film Bin Crew’s lives with his choice for this Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray. Yes, it’s ‘Posse’ from 1993, which admittedly doesn’t feature Zane much but someone does uppercut a horse so we’re still in the positive side of hamminess. Join Rich, Ant, Abi and Jamie as they go over this film and think about Western tropes and parodies, and debate the Zane-iness of it all. (Ep 34, Rec 2013)

033: SFFCH – The Matador

033 The MatadorSF

Get your moustaches ready as it’s time to jump back into Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray with Jamie’s choice of ‘The Matador’ from 2005. Join Rich, Jamie and Abi as they become enmeshed in what turned out to be a well-loved film. Pierce Brosnan plays a washed up and soulsick hitman who befriends a normal businessman and entangles their lives together for better and worse. So were did the bull fighting come? Can Brosnan do an Irish accent ever and does being Irish make any difference? How will the woman called Bean react to her husband’s new buddy? Pop on your oversized sombrero and listen in. (Ep 33, Rec 2013)

032: SFFCH – Runaway Train

032 Runaway TrainSF

‘Runaway Train’ from 1985 is on the loose in this episode of ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’. Join Rich, Abi and Ant as they tackle the snow-swept and arduous escape of two degenerate criminals and their inevitable trip on a loco loco. How hard is it to make Jon Voight look like a criminal? Was Rebecca De Mornay parachuted into the plot? Was Rich alone in liking the movie? Is Eric Roberts a good guy or a bad guy? Will any old farts have heart attacks? We attempt to answers these questions and more, listen in. (Ep 32, Rec 2013)

031: SFFCH – The Ninth Configuration

030 The 9th ConfigurationSF

Apparently the ‘Exorcist’ series has a sort of sequel and it was called ‘The Ninth Configuration’ from 1980. This time it’s Jamie’s choice, so please join him, Rich, Ant and Abi as they go through the madness of a possibly lunatic fake psychiatrist being assigned to a castle asylum for mad soldiers and the results that ensue. Yes, Jamie is a bit obsessed with Jason Miller, but there’s philosophy in this movie so everyone gets quite interested! (Ep 31, Rec 2013)

030: SFFCH – Summer Wars

031 Summer WarsSF

In this episode of ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’, the crew gather together in the cyberspace and let our wacky surreal avatars do battle as we discuss ‘Summer Wars’ from 2009. Join Rich, Abi, Tom, Ant and Oli as they chat about the film and talk dysfunctional families, big and small, the problems caused by living in a computer reliant world, the bizarre way anime characters express themselves and even more summer wars related banter. Just click play, you can always trust the internet. (Ep 30, Rec 2013)

029: SFFCH – Walk, Don’t Run

032 WalkDontRunSF.

It’s swan song time here at Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, and on this occasion it’s all to do with Cary Grant and the film ‘Walk, Don’t Run’. Join Rich, Ant, Abi and Jamie as they go over the film and discuss illegal subletting in 60s Japan, Cary Grant playing a forceful Cupid, whether this film at any point made any sense, the baffling nature of a walking race and even more besides. So pop us in your portable music device and take us on a walk. (Ep 29, Rec 2013)