The Team

FBPic RRichard Nicholas is an experienced indoors-man, well versed in many areas of indoor activities such as watching stuff (TV and Film), listening to stuff (Music and Podcasts), playing stuff (Video and Board Games) and making stuff (Drawing and Mountains Out of Mole Hills). On the rare occasion he is outside he can usually be found exploring some urban terrain, looking for some tat to buy or to find a comrade to blather on with about pop culture and/or other rot.


Abi Bain is a writer from Pontyates, she hasn’t written anything you’ve read but hopefully she will soon. She enjoys science-fiction and fantasy, as well as being partial to obscure gems like Eegah and Lord Alfred Hayes. In her free time she likes to remember B-list actors’ names and what they’ve been in.

Read her blog here.


Anthony Evans is an emotionally under-developed male with ideas above his station. 7 years of media and film education leave him with no greater insight into film than you do. He doesn’t quite understand how that happened. Nevertheless, he will still rant about films like he knows what he is talking about. A love of the strange, the different and the obscure fuels his mind body and soul. He likes expensive coffee, cheap booze and moderately priced, colourful underwear.


Jamie Thomas does not exist in the traditional sense, but is rather an amalgamation of pop-culture knowledge held together by a flimsy net of sewn-together 90’s Simpsons quotes. He is an always-aspiring writer and an incorrigible hyperbolist.