Blank-Mange: Dredd

004 Dredd Silly String
Drawn by Spoiler Filled’s resident artist Richard Nicholas.

013: SFFCH – Torn Curtain

013 TornCurtainSF

Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ presents our discussion on ‘Torn Curtain’ of 1966. Join Abi, Ant, Rich and Oli as they discuss this latter era Hitchcock spy thriller which fails to thrill but does have an awesome killing sequence. We wonder why they use the symbol ‘pi’ for the secret network and why that woman on the bus keeps on doing what she does. Why? Why? You signed up for danger, lady! (Ep 13, Rec 2012)

012: SFFCH – LA Story

012 LAStorySF

Oh boy has ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ got a story for you? More specifically ‘LA Story’ from 1991. Join Ant, Oli, Abi and Rich as we examine this comedy and contemplate the notion of bagpipes that have been reincarnated as a paranormal street sign and how married couples seem to have zero chemistry on screen. Oh, and there may be rollerskating. (Ep 12, Rec 2012)

011: SFFCH – Phase IV


Deep beneath the earth there is a bunker. Within that bunker there is an ant. Cowering in terror high above, the Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Panel of Rich, Ant, Oli and Abi are about to tell you about ‘Phase IV’ of 1974. We’ll talk about ants, Nigel Davenport and his facial hair and the legendary Saul Bass. (Ep 11, Rec 2012)

010: SFFCH – The Assassination Bureau

010 AssinBurSF

Here on ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ we’re not afraid of anything, not even explosive sausages. Join Rich, Abi, Ant and Oli as we talk about ‘The Assassination Bureau’ of 1969. Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed and Telly Savalas slug it out in this bomb saga where literally anything could explode. Oh, and there’s a zeppelin. All good movies have a zeppelin. (Ep 10, Rec 2012)

009: SFFCH – The Hunt For Red October

009 RedOctSF

This time the ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray!’ crew of Rich, Oliver, Anthony and Abigail tackle one of the last Cold War thrillers: ‘The Hunt For Red October’ from 1990. We talk about Sean Connery’s hair and accent, how to waste Tim Curry and Alec Baldwin’s telepathy. Also, PING IT! (Ep 9, Rec 2012)

008: SFFCH – Without A Clue

008 WithoutClueSF

In 1998, Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley WERE Holmes and Watson, but were they really? Spoiler Filled Film Conversation (Hooray) examine this classic piece of Sherlockiana. Rich, Oli, Abi and Ant draw parallels, think of other Sherlock movies, dither on its merits and ultimately have a jolly chin wag over a virtual mug of tea with cake. (Ep 8, Rec 2012)

007: SFFCH – Popeye

007 PopeyeSF

This time Spoiler Filled Film Conversation (Hooray) tries to digest the canned spinach that is “Popeye” from 1980, it’s the squinky faced sailor’s first and mostly likely last live action movie. It stars Robin Williams, equipped with blond hair and weird bulging arms, so there is that to contend with. This is episode seven with Richard, Anthony, Abigail and Oliver. (rec 2012)