228: SFFCH – I Am Santa Claus [2014]

228 I Am Santa Claus

Merry Wrestle-mas! Welcome to Spoiler Filled’s annual yuletide tradition of finding wrestlers hiding in obscure (and usually quality-lacking) Christmas films and subject ourselves to it for your listening pleasure. This time however, we may have found something a little different. Something that may actually be good! I Am Santa Claus is only our second foray into documentary film-making, but how can we resist when it features legendary wrestler Mick Foley attempting to achieve his dream of becoming Santa. And that’s not to undermine all the other weird and wonderful Santas on display in this fascinatingly watchable film.

227: SFFCH – Crocodile Dundee [1986]

This week Abi brings 1980s staple Crocodile Dundee [1986] to the table for Rich and Anthony to sniff at and judge. Listen in for the inevitable comparison to the “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, accusations of being Mills & Boon Down Under and flashbacks to Dot & The Kangaroo.


226: SFFCH – Prince Of Darkness [1987]

This week Rich, Abi and Jamie pour over Jamie’s pick of Prince Of Darkness – where Jesus was an alien, the Devil is locked in a mirror universe and the Devil’s son is a large tub of neon, green ooze. Oh Jamie, where do you find these things?

There’s also demonic pregnancy via knocking your elbow, Alice Cooper as a some kind of king of the homeless swarm and the mind-blowing revelation that John Carpenter may have been making all of this shit up while he was off his tits on drugs. We never would have guessed.
Oh, plus Rich and Jamie slam a series of Welsh towns for no other reason than they can.