117: SFFCH – Razzle Dazzle

117 Razzle Dazzle

When someone told us we need a little more razzle dazzle here at Spoiler Filled we may have misunderstood, for Rich chooses 2007’s Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance, a mockumentary surrounding the world of competitive children’s dance troupes, for the scrutiny of Abi and himself. Another Australian produced film featured on the show; though it  does have a few British fingerprints all over it. So join the Spoiler Filled crew and Mister Jonathon’s Jazz-keteers as topics up for discussion include: Christopher Guest films, cutlery costumes, Rich’s inability to use the word ‘dance’ and how the film may be a little too realistic…

[Ep.117 Rec 2016]

116: SFFCH – Matinee

116 Matinee

It’s 1993, The cold War is finally over and filmmakers are ready to talk about it. This week Jamie brings us Matinee, directed by one of his favorite (but not really favourite) family friendly horror comedy directors, Joe Dante. We do love a film about films here at Spoiler Filled, so join Jamie, Rich and Abi as they sit through this homage to old Hollywood ‘B’ Movies, as John Goodman plays a producer taking advantage of the atmosphere of fear surrounding the Cuban MIssile Crisis to promote his new, kitschy movie. Jamie remembers old painted movie posters, Abi finds it all a bit whimsical and Rich doesn’t get to use all his puns because Ant isn’t here.

And remember: It’s a B movie, It’s a B movie Show!

[Ep.116 Rec 2016]

115: SFFCH – The Wrestler

115 The Wrestler

‘Turns out Abi likes Wrestling. Who’d have known!? Well, truth be told we all have our own little history with wrestling here at ‘Spoiler Filled’, so come join Abi, Rich and Jamie this time as they discuss the almost inevitable choice of ‘The Wrestler from 2008, a fictional tale of Randy ‘The Ram ‘ Robinson, a kind of amalgam  of all real-life superstar wrestlers from the ’80s, as he faces retirement from the ring. Be prepared for inordinate amounts of wrestling talk this time as the crew relate their own experiences with the sport/stunt show/soap opera, consider Mickey Rourke’s own comparable career to his character and discuss the parallels between wrestlers and strippers.

[Ep.115 Rec 2016]