139: SFFCH – Times Square


This week, we take a trip to the Big Apple, more specifically ‘Times Square’ where we meet up with two rebellious and free spirited teenage girls as they try to make their way on the (not so) mean streets of the Metropolis and end up starting a punk movement. Rich’s choice presents Abi and Ant with an incredible soundtrack that we can all get behind, a more low-key Tim Curry performance than we are used to and a surprisingly feel-good tone for a film which deals with teenage homelessness and mental instability. So come and join us ya damn dogs as we steal ambulances, put on impromptu rock concerts and chow down on as many flowers as we like.

[Ep.139, Rec 07/2016]

138: SFFCH – Strange Brew


This week, Jamie brought us Strange Brew (The Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie), a Canadian drunk comedy from 1983 with a plot that defies understanding or even description. (Oh, how we tried.)  After an opening salvo of dodgy Canadian impersonations by the males of SFFCH (Abi, being of Canadian heritage, chose not to participate) everyone concerned gets down to the knotty business of trying to understand comedy that was meant for an audience in a time and a place so very remote from SFFCH HQ with mixed results. But who liked what and why? Listen now to find out.

[Ep. 138, Rec 07/2016]

137: SFFCH – Dead Man’s Shoes


Ant had to make up for his previous choice of ‘Xanadu’ and what better way than to contrast a campy, trashy musical with some gritty, violent, British drama. So he did with this weeks choice of ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, a 2004 effort from cult British filmmaker Shane Meadows. This time, Ant, Rich and Abi try to get to grips with a film that makes for some uncomfortable watching, ponder over just what the genre of this film is (in a good way, for a change), are constantly reminded that people are just awful and discuss whether regional British accents can be a little tricky.

[Ep. 137, Rec. June 2016]

136: SFFCH – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


This week on SFFCH we’re talking about the repetitively named “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Shane Black’s neo-noir comedy thriller which gently pokes fun of Hollywood with it’s knowing satire. We reflect on Black’s back catalogue, Downey Jr’s historic hedonism and Val Kilmer’s fluctuating waistline, as well as reveling in the delights of this trope subverting movie for movie nerds. So join us to hear wild speculation about the film’s influence on Quentin Tarantino and the James Bond franchise as well as yet another reference to Batman forever. “Captain Fucking Magic”

*For those wondering we make it 10-12 deaths total, with some creative symbolism or fan theory you can maybe get it up to 16 to match the spy novels.

[Ep. 136, Rec 19/06/16]