114: SFFCH – The Killing Of Sister George

114 The Killing of Sister George

Trust a male member of the crew to pick a film about lesbians! Though it may not be quite the kind of film you think. This time, Rich brings Abi and Ant some ‘proper’ lesbians with 1967’s ‘The Killing of Sister George’. Now it may sound like a western and it may look like a ‘ Carry On’, but trust us, it’s a completely different beast altogether. So come hear about the exploits of aging soap star June, a.k.a. George, and her relationship with partner Alice, a.k.a. Childie, as they deal with life and the interfering of TV producer Mrs. Croft, a.k.a Queen of the Cold Bitches. Topics include: awkward doll distractions, drunk acting appreciation, friendly neighbourhood prostitutes and discover why we don’t usually let Rich read the credits.

[Ep. 114, Rec. 2015]

113: SFFCH – Death To Smoochy

113 Death to Smoochy

Robin Williams has been a bit of a regular at ‘Spoiler Filled’, ever since episode number 2 with the film ‘Toys’. This time around we take a slightly more analytical look at his work and his life as Jamie brings up for discussion the Danny DeVito directed ‘Death to Smoochy’ from 2002, a film about the absurd world of children’s Television. So in a (at times) surprisingly predictive satire that brings us fluffy purple rhinos, Irish mobsters, secret Nazi rallies and a seemingly endless string of bad guys, come and find out whether it’s funny Robin Williams or serious Robin Williams that we here at ‘Spoiler Filled’ prefer. And whether the film is any good too, of course. Prepare yourself also for an analogy overload at the end; they just keep coming…

[Ep.113 Rec 2015]

112: SFFCH – 7 Faces Of Dr Lao

112 7 Faces of Dr Loa SF

What is Hollywood’s obsession with dressing up white people as other races? We’re all pretty sure here at ‘Spoiler Filled’ that people of all colours and creeds can act. We’ve seen ’em. It’s a difficult-to-avoid subject with Ant’s choice of film this week, 1964’s ‘Seven Faces of Doctor Lao’, as the first impressions of the title character leave us rubbing our heads in frustration, but luckily He, Rich, Abi and Jamie find plenty of other insanities to distract themselves with. We discover how playing multiple roles in a film should be done (are you listening Eddie Murphy!?), the surprisingly numerous Mary Poppins connections, some excellent makeup and effects for the time and a variety of strange characters including the most brutal fortune teller ever and the best/ most eager Mother in Law. So join us as we delve deeper in the psyche of Dr. Lao than possibly anyone should ever go and see which member reveals their own personal ‘seven faces’.

[Ep. 112 Rec 2015]