148: SFFCH – Electric Dreams


We attempted this one before, but our robot overlords tried to quash our efforts (i.e. our recording broke). However, we’re back and we’re more venomous than ever for 1984’s Electric Dreams, which is essentially an extended music video montage about a douche-bag who accidentally creates A.I. and abuses it into romancing his neighbour for him. Ant originally chose this ‘curiosity’, as he describes it, but perhaps has grown to regret it as he comes to learn to never judge a film by its DVD cover. So join him, Rich, Abi and Jamie talk about the awfulness of our leading man, romantic dates on Alcatraz, cello-playing as a personality trait, whether the computer is the most inanimate character in the film and so, SO much more in this 80’s explosion of insanity.

[Ep. 148, Rec 11/2016]


147: SFFCH – Phantasm


He’s a Phantasm addict! He’s a Phantasm addict! (Like the Buzzcocks song, yeah? Does the reference work? Whatever.) That addict is Jamie and after getting a taste of “Batman – Mask of the Phantasm” he need more Phantasm in his veins (on the podcast). So Jamie sat Rich and Anthony down in bean bag chairs and tried to get us hooked on pure uncut “Phantasm” from 1979, but did the boys like this horrific trip or did they start convulsing on the floor and vow never to Phantasm again? You’ll just have to listen in as SFFCH shares their tale of a shape shifting undertaker with custard blood, aggressive Jawas from another dimension, brave pedophile ice-cream men and much more 70’s weirdness.

[Ep. 147, Rec 30/10/2016]

146: SFFCH – Once Were Warriors


We journey back to the land of Middle Eart…Ok, we’ve already made that joke. Sorry. Ant continues his obsession with the far off island of New Zealand and this time, to contrast a bleak sci-fi film, he brings us a bleak family drama in the guise of Once Were Warriors. Made in 1994, it is a film about the struggles of an impoverished Maori family as they contend with the violence of the father of the group. Now if you think that sounds a little gloomy listeners you wouldn’t be wrong as Ant, Rich and Abi discover with this challenging film, but with most great challenges comes great rewards. So come and listen about Ant’s weird past with this film, Rich’s struggle over the grammar of the title and Abi’s abhorrence of the effect of the film (in a good way).

[Ep. 146, Rec /2016]

145: SFFCH – Hackers


This week on SFFCH Abi, Rich and Anthony dust off 1995’s Hackers, a movie that perfectly demonstrates what everybody wishes the nineties were like. There’s righteous hacks, a wardrobe department with scope to rival Narnia and a youth club that crosses Starlight Express with the Industrial Zone from the Crystal Maze. Listen as we revel in yet another appearance by Fisher Stevens, complete with silly clothing and accessories, as well as nineties trends and dodgy hacker patois. So if you believe that spandex is a privilege and not a right, join us as we talk about that thing we watched that time.

[Ep.145, Rec 10/2016]

144: SFFCH – The Gay Deceivers


“We may not know our stereotypes, but we know a gay when we see one!”

We step back in time to 1969 this week, a time of sexual freedom, a time of silly sound effects and a time where all gay men are flamboyant drag queens or sexual predators, at least on film anyways. Rich brings the gang The Gay Deceivers, a ‘comedy’ film about two irredeemably awful guys who attempt to escape an army draft by posing as gay men and all the complications that come with it. Rich tries desperately to defend this one, which to be fair attempts to be progressive by addressing some issues with gay life at the time, but it’s an uphill struggle. So come and listen to him, Abi, Ant and Jamie discuss such things as garish interior design, whether it’s gay men or women that come off worse here and how far the excuse “It was a different time” can really stretch.

[Ep. 144, Rec /2016]