243: Midnight Cowboy [1969] Movie Review

243 Midnight Cowboy.jpg

We don’t do this very often, but this week we cast our lights onto 1969’s Midnight Cowboy because we got a viewer request! (Thanks to Karl in Penarth, Howdy Partner!) It’s a movie about a Texan hustler seeking work and a better life in New York and his dealings with a streetwise con man. This time around, Everybody’s Talkin’ about: Unhealthy relations with Grandparents, Andy Warhol-esque parties, Bob Balaban’s bathroom blowjob and unexpected psychedelia.

242: The Nutty Professor [1963] Movie Review

242 The Nutty Professor

No, not Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. It’s the original version from the Sixties, and the film that launched a million impressions.

241: Lucky [2017] Movie Review

241 Lucky

We’ve watched a few films staring Harry Dean Stanton on the podcast before, but never with him in the lead role. They are few and far between sadly, but i guess we got ‘lucky’ with Jamie’s choice this week. It is the directional debut of prolific ‘that-guy’ actor John Carroll Lynch (look him up, you’ll know him), stars the prolific ‘weird-movie’ director David Lynch (no relation) and even though it has a very simple plot, we still have some difficulty summing it up. Be prepared for unexpected Mariachi singing, runaway tortoises, chain smoking, stoned Liberace and shouting profanities at gardens.