201: SFFCH – Rubber [2010]

201 Rubber

This week Rich, Anthony and Jamie slide from the cinema of attractions into the cinema of arseholes as they talk about Rubber, a film about a possessed tire… and a captive audience… who gets murdered… except for one guy in a wheelchair… and a there’s cop who knows it’s all a fiction… and that it’s all happening for no reason… but some of the time it’s about a tire.

Listen in as they get their monocles out and talk about Beckett and Metal Gear Solid, as well as delving into the potential psychological profile of the director. Enjoy!

200: SFFCH 200th Anniversary – Moonlight [2016]

200 Moonlight

Our ability to blather on about movies knows no bounds, it seems, as we achieve yet another milestone here at Spoiler Filled Film. We celebrate our bicentenary with a very special guest suggestion of Moonlight from 2016. Now, we’re not ones to shy away from difficult topics here at SFFCH, of which Moonlight has a few, but we do tend to steer clear of high-profile Oscar winners. So, with this being the most modern film we have ever touched upon too, we have a new challenge on our hands. Did this film deserves it’s award wins or was it just caught up in a diversity drive from Hollywood? Does it appeal to 4, white, (mostly) heterosexual chums from Wales? Tune in to find out!

Dir: Barry Jenkins
Wri: Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney (Story)
Cine: James Laxton
Edi: Nat Sanders, Joi McMillon
Mus: Nicholas Britell
Prod: A24, Plan B Entertainent, Pastel Productions
Cast: Trevante Rhodes, Andre Holland, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, Alex Hibbert, Jaden Piner, Naomie Harris, Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monae
[Ep. 200, Rec. 04/18]

199: SFFCH – King of the Kickboxers [1990]

199 Kick of the Kickboxers

It may be a little bit late (only a few years, sorry 😦 ), but we’ve managed to squeeze one more fan request in before our special bicentenary. King of the Kickboxers a.k.a. No Retreat, No Surrender 4 a.k.a. Karate Tiger 4 is a shameless rip-off…ahem…homage of various 80’s, Hong Kong, martial arts movies starring acting virtuoso and Spoiler Filled favourate Loren Avedon. Come and listen to us celebrate ‘So-Bad-It’s-Good’ movies as we discuss such delights as: Avedon’s surprising ‘splits’ talent, taking the term ‘maverick cop’ to it’s absolute limit and living with a chimp that likes dirty talk.

Dir. Lucas Lowe
Wri: Keith W. Strandberg
Cine: Viking Chiu
Edi: Marco Mak, Hung Poon
Mus: Richard Yuen
Prod: Imperial Entertainment, Seasonal Film Corporation
Cast: Loren Avedon, Richard Jaeckel, Billy Blanks, Sherrie Rose, Keith Cooke

[Ep. 199, Rec. 03/18]

198: SFFCH – …All The Marbles [1981]

198 All the Marbles

This week we’re pretending to have done some legitimate planning and put out a show about a wrestling movie on Wrestlemania weekend.

Listen in as Rich, Ant, Abi and Jamie talk about …All The Marbles, a 1981 movie charting the rise of female tag team the California Dolls from jobbers living paycheck to paycheck to main event stars through the eyes of their harsh but loyal manager.

On the way there’s talk of historic video piracy, birthday parties at the Wimpy and Abi’s desperation for the next series of Glow, as well as complaining about the sunset flip and acting like we know anything about wrestling for real-real. Enjoy!

Sorry, points at WrestleMania sign.

Sorry for the lack of podcast this week. Let’s say that it was because we wanted to release this week’s Wrestling themed episode in line with “WrestleMania” this Sunday! Not because Rich hasn’t finished editing this week’s SFFCH about the 1981 movie “…All the Marbles” aka “California Dolls”. Tape up your hands and pull up your knee pads, this one is going to be a slobber-knocker!