100!: SFFCH – The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen


We’re not really sure how, but in three years we have managed to hit our centenary. That’s 100 movies watched, analysed, spoiled, hosed down in icy water, powdered and sent off to live on our shelf of honour or our bin of endless obscurity. We had to bring something special to the table this turn round, so Anthony finally brings forward ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’ where we finally tackle a film by one of the legends of peculiar and obscure cinema, Terry Gilliam.

Listen in as  Rich, Ant, Abi and Jamie still forget how to conduct a podcast, even after 100 episodes, and discuss just how so much can be going on on-screen yet so little can be happening. Listen as the unfettered, George-Lucas-esque imagination of Gilliam assaults us on all fronts with hot-air balloons made from knickers, extravagant entrances in seashells and the floating decapitated head of Robin Williams.

We are surprised by the lack of good jokes from two Monty Python alumni, sink our teeth into our good-ol’ themes of storytelling and imagination vs. reality and, while we all can appreciate Gilliam’s ‘unique’ style, can we all stomach this exorbitant banquet of surreal decadence? Tune in now to find out!

(Also, eyes peeled for the obligatory Terry Gilliam ‘small person’.)

(Ep 100, Rec 2015)


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