099: SFFCH – The Harder They Come

099 The Harder They Come SF

Put your giant, colourful rasta hat on, we’re taking a trip to Jamaica circa 1972. This time the ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’ is all about ‘The Harder They Come’ and the exploits of mango picker turned musician turned gangster Ivan, played by IRL musician Jimmy Cliff. We hope you’ll join us as we chat about, the oddity of having a language barrier between English speakers and English speakers,  the wonders of  Jamaican fashion in the 70s, the cruel and usual music industry presented in the film and more things besides. “Sit tight and listen keenly while I play for you another brand-new [podcast] biscuit from the [Spoiler Filled] empire.”

(Ep 99, Rec 2015)

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