098: SFFCH – The Bride

098 The Bride SF

Re-animate your corpse and play this episode of ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’, in which we summoned ‘The Bride’ back from it’s death in 1985. We ponder the consequences of what we’ve done, should we have left it undisturbed? Well it’s done now so listen in as we discuss variation in quality between the two stories told in the film, the lumbersome performance of Sting that contrasts with the pieces of Clancy Brown goodness and the stupidity of not explaining what cats are and yet somehow divulging knowledge about lions. Would Mary Shelley have enjoyed the inclusion of a savvy dwarf to her story as we did? We will never know. Unless someone re-animated her corpse and then asked her? (Ep 98, Rec 2015)


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