172 – SFFCH: The Guard

172 The Gaurd.jpg

Due to technical headaches, this show is a smidge under-prepared but still warm and enthusiastic to The Guard by John Michael McDonagh. Mercilessly few Irish impersonations dot this review, as Rich, Anthony and Abi meander through thoughts on the line between being an imbecile and a genius, how to be funny bastard and cock guns. Enjoy!


171: SFFCH – Triangle [2009]

171 Triangle

171 SFFCH Triangle [2009]

Ant plucks out this cheap and standard looking horror film from deep down in the film bin this week called Triangle from 2009. Expectations are low from the poetically three-pointed panel of him, Rich and Jamie, but is there something more mysterious and mind-bending waiting in store for them. Come and join them all try and wrap their brains (and maybe intestines) around this twisty tale which includes such flotsam and jetsam as: slapstick axe-throwing, numerous Shining references, symbolic seagulls, perplexing paradoxes and surprisingly very little mention of the Bermuda Triangle, weirdly.

Dir: Christopher Smith

Wri: Christopher Smith

Cine: Robert Humphreys

Edi: Stuart Gazzard

Mus: Christian Henson

Production: UK Film Council, Dan Films, Icon Film

Cast:: Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Rachael Carpani, Henry Nixon, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth

[Ep.171, Rec 07/2017]

170: SFFCH – Dick Tracy [1990]

170 Dick Tracy

“Ooooo, look at all the pretty colours!” This, we highly suspect here at Spoiler Filled HQ, is how most people ended up watching this week’s film, the live-action adaptation of Dick Tracy from 1990. But perhaps we are soon to discover the hideous nature of the beast laying below. In this discussion, we discuss such things as: how there is such a distinguished cast in such a questionable movie, Madonna’s gangster voice, neon noir and all those god-damned melty faces.

Dir: Warren Beatty

Wri: Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr, Chester Gould (Comic)

Edi: Richard Marks

Cine: Vittorio Storaro

Mus: Danny Elfman

Production: Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners, Mulholland Productions

Cast: Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Madonna, Glenne Headley, Charlie Korsmo, Dustin Hoffman, William Forsyth, Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Dick Van Dyke.

[Ep. 170, Rec, 07/2017]

169: SFFCH – The Legend of Bagger Vance [2000]

169 Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance [2000]

We don’t know if he’s mentioned it before, but Will Smith isn’t Rich’s favourate actor. So it was a bit of a surprise when he brought the SF Crew The Legend of Bagger Vance to scrutinize. Could this be the film that softens his attitude towards him…? It would be quite the task for a film about golf, but come and see the result as we discuss such fodder as: Hollywood’s Magical Negro, the extremely spiritual world of golf (apparently), the fundamentally horrible romance and many, many rich, white people problems once again! And all this for just 5 dollars, guaranteed!


Dir: Robert Redford
Wri: Steven Pressfield (Novel), Jeremy Leven (Screenplay)
Cine: Michael Ballhaus
Edi: Hank Corwin
Mus: Rachel Portman
Production: Allied Filmmakers [USA]
Cast: Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron, Jack Lemmon, Bruce McGill, Joel Gretsch, Lane Smith, J. Michael Moncrief

[Ep. 169, Rec. 07/2017]

168: SFFCH – Grabbers [2012]

168 Grabbers

Ant takes us on a wee trip to the Emerald Isle this week, a booze cruise some might say, as the ‘SF’ crew prepare to take on (with rudimentary weaponry) the comedy-horror B-Movie Grabbers. It’s a bit of Edgar Wright-meets-80’s-Spielberg-meets-Father Ted in this slightly obscure film from the recent Renaissance in Irish black comedies which includes some superb drunk-acting, Richard Coyle being all charming, Russel Tovey being posh(?), decapitations a-plenty and alot, ALOT of bad language from the Spoiler Filled Gang.

[Ep.168, Rec 07/2017]


167: SFFCH – Sudden Death [1995]

167 Sudden Death


Our most prolific director returns this time to truly cement his place as lord and master of our special type of movies here at ‘Spoiler Filled Film’. This will be our fourth look at the work of Peter Hyams and his second collaboration with The Muscles from Brussels himself, good ol’ Jean-Claude. No timey-wimey antics this time around however, just pure and simple Hollywood action, violence, deliciously dastardly villains, politicians in peril and penguin strangulation.

[Ep. 167, Rec. 07/2017]

166: SFFCH – West Coast

166 West Coast.jpg

This week ‘two white gentlemen who don’t know what they’re talking about’ talk about youth culture, hip-hop and being French as they chew over the 2016 French movie ‘West Coast’. There’s an abundance of poo, schoolboy errors and nicknames up for discussion, as well as reverse pedophilia, family dysfunction and irresponsible gun play. Tune in now for Rich and Jamie’s uncomfortable french accents, honky nostalgia and Rich briefly interviewing himself. Serial Killer!

165: SFFCH – Barfly

165 Barfly

Booze, poetry, fist fights, booze, philosophy, booze, romance and booze. We couldn’t really ask for much more from this rather unassuming film this week, Abi’s choice of Barfly from 1987, a semi-autobiographical account of the life of renowned and infamous poet Charles Bukowski. We think there is something for everyone this time around, whether you’re an artist or an addict, in a film which includes: stealing corn, strange walks, put-upon paramedics, sadistic neighbours and probably one of the most authentic love stories put on film.

[Ep. 165, Rec. 05/2017]

164: SFFCH – East is East

164 East is East

Ah the 70’s. A time of spousal abuse, rape-y dogs and subtle paedophile jokes, at least from the portrait painted by this week film East is East, a British-Asian comedy from 1999. Ant brings this one to the table with the question: how come a film about a Muslim family in the 70’s is the most British film he has seen? So come and join the gang this week as they attempt to answer this, fall over themselves trying to remember the huge casts names and get far more mileage out of the word ‘vagina’ than you thought possible.

[Ep.164, Rec. 05/2017]