135: SFFCH – Willie Dynamite


Alright, calm down! Settle down in the back there! There’s enough childish sniggering going on in this week’s podcast already where we finally return to the land of blaxploitation, a mysterious place full of guns, breasts, pimps, ‘hoes and colourful costumes. Now, it may sound like a gay adult movie or a particularly nasty venereal disease, but “Willie Dynamite” from 1974 is discovered to be a surprisingly complex affair despite being chosen for…other reasons. Rich presents this film to Abi, Anthony and Jamie this time and they get to grips with such topics as parallels between capitalists and pimps, oddly concealed weapons, ‘bottom bitches’ and the greatest conference of pimps ever seen.

[Ep. 135, Rec. 12/06/16]


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