122: SFFCH – That Championship Season

122 That Championship Season

We delve back into obscurity this week with the awkwardly named ‘That Championship Season’ from 1982. Written and Directed by Jason Miller, famous for playing an angsty priest in The Exorcist (that’s right, it’s Jamie’s pick again!), the film follows 4 men who were part of a championship-winning, high school basketball team meeting up with their old coach years later. Once a tight-knit group of friends, each man now has his own mid-life crisis and a different perspective of their lives. The film is based on an award-winning play and involves an excellent cast, but perhaps directing is not one of Jason Miller’s strengths. Better keep an eye open for unnecessary elephants, oddly-pantied cheerleaders and lots of middle-aged white-men problems.

[Ep. 122, Rec. Feb 2016]


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