147: SFFCH – Phantasm


He’s a Phantasm addict! He’s a Phantasm addict! (Like the Buzzcocks song, yeah? Does the reference work? Whatever.) That addict is Jamie and after getting a taste of “Batman – Mask of the Phantasm” he need more Phantasm in his veins (on the podcast). So Jamie sat Rich and Anthony down in bean bag chairs and tried to get us hooked on pure uncut “Phantasm” from 1979, but did the boys like this horrific trip or did they start convulsing on the floor and vow never to Phantasm again? You’ll just have to listen in as SFFCH shares their tale of a shape shifting undertaker with custard blood, aggressive Jawas from another dimension, brave pedophile ice-cream men and much more 70’s weirdness.

[Ep. 147, Rec 30/10/2016]


137: SFFCH – Dead Man’s Shoes


Ant had to make up for his previous choice of ‘Xanadu’ and what better way than to contrast a campy, trashy musical with some gritty, violent, British drama. So he did with this weeks choice of ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, a 2004 effort from cult British filmmaker Shane Meadows. This time, Ant, Rich and Abi try to get to grips with a film that makes for some uncomfortable watching, ponder over just what the genre of this film is (in a good way, for a change), are constantly reminded that people are just awful and discuss whether regional British accents can be a little tricky.

[Ep. 137, Rec. June 2016]