156: SFFCH – Doomsdays

155 Doomsdays

Ant doesn’t quite know if he likes the film Doomsdays from 2013, so he need the help of the ‘Spoiler Filled’ gang this week to help him decide. Written and directed by former movie critic Eddie Mullins, this debut film follows two hipster vagabonds who get by through breaking into people’s holiday homes in the wilderness and, along the way, recruit others who challenge their commitment to this lifestyle. Is it a humourous, dark and thoughtful film or is it a pretentious, hipster-ish pile of trash? Come and listen to what the gang decide as they muddle through such things as: tire slashings, whiskey chugging, shoulder punchings, fire pledges and indian headdresses.

[Ep. 156, Rec 2017]