239 – Weekend at Bernie’s [1989] Movie Review

239 Weekend at Bernies

Ah, Weekend at Bernie’s! What were those 80’s executives snorting when they came up with this one!? Well, the Spoiler Filled Crew are somewhat thankful they did as some have fond memories of this ridiculous oddity. However, someone may have a slightly less nostalgia-tinged opinion of this dumb farce. Yes, it is centered on the one joke of pretending a dead guy is alive. Yes, the main protagonists are insane arseholes and yes, the best performance is from the man pretending to be a corpse, but come on! It’s Weekend at Bernie’s! Right? Right?!


Author: spoilerfilled

We are 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray!', a podcast where a bunch of Welsh people talk about films and stuff.

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