149: SFFCH – Colors


This week the SFFCH gang get all up in the grill of the poorly spelt Colors from 1988. Rich Dogg, J-Bone, OG Ant  and A-Bomb all tool up for a drive by on this gangland classic. Did the film survey unscathed or did we leave it bleeding on the sidewalk?  Turn on  your police scanners for the word on the street (press play on the podcast to listen). Get the full report on Sean Penn’s punch-able face, Robert Duvall’s admirable haircut, Frog’s terrible dancing, why Damon Wayans steals the show and the rest of our lively discussion about all things “Colors”. Brrrraaap! *SFFCH gang sign (it’s very tricky).

[Ep. 149, Rec 12/2016]

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