146: SFFCH – Once Were Warriors


We journey back to the land of Middle Eart…Ok, we’ve already made that joke. Sorry. Ant continues his obsession with the far off island of New Zealand and this time, to contrast a bleak sci-fi film, he brings us a bleak family drama in the guise of Once Were Warriors. Made in 1994, it is a film about the struggles of an impoverished Maori family as they contend with the violence of the father of the group. Now if you think that sounds a little gloomy listeners you wouldn’t be wrong as Ant, Rich and Abi discover with this challenging film, but with most great challenges comes great rewards. So come and listen about Ant’s weird past with this film, Rich’s struggle over the grammar of the title and Abi’s abhorrence of the effect of the film (in a good way).

[Ep. 146, Rec /2016]


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