140: SFFCH – Ferngully The Last Rainforest


Abi offers up a childhood favourite for the the Spoiler Filled group to tear down and savage like evil lumberjacks hacking up a beautiful jungle forest. Rich, Anthony, Jamie and Abi each have their own axes to grind but it’s not all bad, as there is high praise for Tim Curry as the oozing, demonic personification of pollution, Hexxus, in this tree hugging Disney rip-off. There is plenty of fun to be had as the team try and figure out how exactly the baffling fairy magic works, whether Zak the bodacious tree surgeon will be believed when he tries to explain why they shouldn’t keep chopping up the outback and a whole bunch more as we get Batty discussing Ferngully.

[Ep. 140, Rec 17/07/16]


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