136: SFFCH – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


This week on SFFCH we’re talking about the repetitively named “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Shane Black’s neo-noir comedy thriller which gently pokes fun of Hollywood with it’s knowing satire. We reflect on Black’s back catalogue, Downey Jr’s historic hedonism and Val Kilmer’s fluctuating waistline, as well as reveling in the delights of this trope subverting movie for movie nerds. So join us to hear wild speculation about the film’s influence on Quentin Tarantino and the James Bond franchise as well as yet another reference to Batman forever. “Captain Fucking Magic”

*For those wondering we make it 10-12 deaths total, with some creative symbolism or fan theory you can maybe get it up to 16 to match the spy novels.

[Ep. 136, Rec 19/06/16]


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