130: SFFCH – Legend [1985]

130 Legend(1)

Before The Lord of the Rings movies made them kind of legitimate, fantasy films were well weird. Especially in the 80’s and especially in Jamie’s choice of 1985’s Legend, directed by Ridley Scott. Now we all have a general respect for Scott’s movies here at Spoiler Filled, but this one really takes the biscuit. But what should we have expected from a film with such a troubled history, with several different versions out there with different soundtracks. We all tried to watch the original theatrical cut, but it seems we all ended up watching different things. None of which made any sense. Not even Tim Curry, as spectacular as he is, can save this film, but my god did he try. If you can bring yourself to face it, come and listen to us complain about: weird marriage rituals, the lack of rules, Tom Cruise squatting too much, why anyone, even the bloody devil, would want to marry the princess and why our favourite character is dispatched obscenely quickly.

[Ep. 130, Rec. May 2016]

Author: spoilerfilled

We are 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation, Hooray!', a podcast where a bunch of Welsh people talk about films and stuff.

One thought on “130: SFFCH – Legend [1985]”

  1. I knew nothing about this movie besides the cover art, which was enough reason for me to want to watch it. For instance I never noticed it was Jack Reacher in the cover. All I cared about was the devil in it: it looks great. Tim Curry? It looks better now. It looked even better when I began listening to the cast and searched for more images of it. He’s like a cross between Hellboy and a Stag Beetle… Those ultra-huge horns, man, I love it.
    But… I guess the flick sucks, so… I’ll keep my distance. To be honest the title by itself is discouraging: too simple, too generic, too… Duh.
    And then there’s Jack Reacher. XDD

    I mean Jack Reacher because I didn’t like Cruise one single bit, not even loving Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion and a few others of his… Jack Reacher changed my mind though.
    But to believe there are people actually fond of him is still a stretch for me. XD

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