129: SFFCH – Charley Varrick

129 Charley Varrick

We decided long ago that one of Spoiler Filled’s collective favourite directors, Quentin Tarantino, was not suitable for the general mediocrity/obscurity we deal with here on SFFCH. So how do we find a way to sneakily talk about his work? Well, we look to his 70’s influences of course with this week’s choice of Charley Varrick from 1973. Directed by legendary 70’s crime filmmaker Don Siegel, the film stars scamp-y curmudgeon Walter Matthau in a dramatic action role, something a few of us here are not used to. Will Ant, Abi and Rich be won over by Matthau’s darker side? Come listen to us ramble to find out about this and also: Matthau’s surprising attractiveness to the ladies in this film, having an older leading man in a action-crime-thriller, convoluted stunt-plane antics and  underground ping-pong dens.


[Ep. 129, Rec. May 2016]


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