128: SFFCH – Wildcats

128 Wildcats

Another sports movie?! What is going on with the Spoiler Filled crew?! Extreme sitting and extensive reviewing is usually the only kind of sport we all engage in. So let’s see, we’ve done soccer, wrestling and even touched upon basketball. This time it’s the turn of high-school American football to be scrutinized in Abi’s choice of Wildcats from 1986. Goldie Hawn has been somewhat absent from cinema in the last decade or so, but she was everywhere in the 70s and 80s. Here she plays a girl’s track teacher with aspirations of coaching high-school football. When she finally gets her chance at a tough, inner-city school, she has to fend off the boisterousness of her team, the chauvinism of a rival coach and the whiny interfering of her ex-husband.
In this show we enjoy the diversity, the characters, little kids aggressively swearing and we are appalled by probably the worst rap song ever made.

[Ep. 128, Rec Apr 2016]


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