114: SFFCH – The Killing Of Sister George

114 The Killing of Sister George

Trust a male member of the crew to pick a film about lesbians! Though it may not be quite the kind of film you think. This time, Rich brings Abi and Ant some ‘proper’ lesbians with 1967’s ‘The Killing of Sister George’. Now it may sound like a western and it may look like a ‘ Carry On’, but trust us, it’s a completely different beast altogether. So come hear about the exploits of aging soap star June, a.k.a. George, and her relationship with partner Alice, a.k.a. Childie, as they deal with life and the interfering of TV producer Mrs. Croft, a.k.a Queen of the Cold Bitches. Topics include: awkward doll distractions, drunk acting appreciation, friendly neighbourhood prostitutes and discover why we don’t usually let Rich read the credits.

[Ep. 114, Rec. 2015]


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