112: SFFCH – The 7 Faces Of Dr Lao

112 7 Faces of Dr Loa SF

What is Hollywood’s obsession with dressing up white people as other races? We’re all pretty sure here at ‘Spoiler Filled’ that people of all colours and creeds can act. We’ve seen ’em. It’s a difficult-to-avoid subject with Ant’s choice of film this week, 1964’s ‘Seven Faces of Doctor Lao’, as the first impressions of the title character leave us rubbing our heads in frustration, but luckily He, Rich, Abi and Jamie find plenty of other insanities to distract themselves with. We discover how playing multiple roles in a film should be done (are you listening Eddie Murphy!?), the surprisingly numerous Mary Poppins connections, some excellent makeup and effects for the time and a variety of strange characters including the most brutal fortune teller ever and the best/ most eager Mother in Law. So join us as we delve deeper in the psyche of Dr. Lao than possibly anyone should ever go and see which member reveals their own personal ‘seven faces’.

[Ep. 112 Rec 2015]


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