109: SFFCH – Noroi, The Curse

109 Noroi The Curse SF

SFFCH – Noroi: The Curse

That’s it! ‘Spoiler Filled’ is getting a second home in Japan because we clearly can’t get enough of the place! This time it’s Jamie’s turn to delve into the country’s back catalogue and its notorious love for the horror genre, where he uncovers the suitably obscure ‘Noroi’ a.k.a. ‘The Curse’ from 2005.  There is some initial scepticism from Rich and Ant as they have been scorned by ‘found footage’ films in the past, but Japan has a special place in their hearts that they can’t help but relent. So join us this time around as we discuss whether the main character looks like a giant chubby baby, how non-filmic the film actually is, the wonderfully crazy tin-foil guy and more dead babies than Rich can handle.

Arigato, o tanoshimi kudasai!!!! ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯

[Ep 109, Rec 2015]


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