107: SFFCH – Leon

107 Leon SF

Abi wanted some Luc Besson, and the rest of us had no complaints, so this week we have a slight anomaly of a ‘Spoiler Filled’ episode as we choose a film that actually makes the IMDB Top 250 films of all time! (sell-outs!) We present to you the 1994 film with a million names ‘Leon: The Professional’ (a.k.a. Leon a.k.a. The Professional a.k.a. whatever) and see what happens when an almost super-human, childlike assassin meets the most unnervingly mature pre-teen girl and the most corrupt and evil cop ever. Don’t forget to pour yourself a nice glass of milk and make sure your potted plants have been watered as we experience Besson’s ‘improperly socialized’ characters, a clash of American and European sensibilities and a surprisingly obvious parallel with Roald Dahl. So, don’t forget to tell everyone about it! What do I mean by ‘everyone’? I mean, you know, a lot of people.

[Ep 107, Rec 2015]

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