106: SFFCH – Dot And The Kangaroo

106 Dot and the Kangaroo SF

Just how come the most bleak and depressing movie that Rich knows happens to be an Australian, low-budget children’s animated movie from the 70’s? Well, that’s what He, Abi, Ant and Jamie are here to discover this time as they get lost in the perilous outback that is 1977’s ‘Dot And The Kangaroo’. Get ready for a lot of tonal and emotional whiplash from this fever dream that has haunted Rich since childhood, as we follow the exploits of the meanest little girl with a 40-year-old smoker’s voice, as she gets needlessly and hopelessly lost in the Australian Outback with only an emotionally damaged Kangaroo to help her home. So, if you want to hear about the pompous platypus, the cocky kookaburra, disturbed ducks, microscopic budgets and terribly, TERRIBLY annoying songs, then you’ve come to the right place. We should thank the forest spirits for the brief beacon of wonder that is the ‘Bunyip’s Song’.

(Ep 106, Rec 2015)


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