105: SFFCH – Sorcerer

105 Socerer SF

“An assassin, a terrorist, a fraudster and a thief are driving a truck full of nitroglycerin…” Is it the start of one big joke or is it all part of Jamie’s grand plan to review anything and everything even remotely connected to The Exorcist? This time around it’s the director William Friedkin’s next filmic effort, the somewhat confusingly named ‘Sorcerer’ from 1977, said to be one of the last films of interesting and challenging cinema coming out of America in the 70’s. With no magic. Or pointy hats. Instead we have 4 sweaty criminals from around the world driving through the South American Jungle and hoping not to explode along the way. Rich and Abi join Jamie this time around to discuss the troubled production of the film, Roy Scheider’s constant ‘strop-ons’,whether it is one of the most violent P.G. ratings ever and discover who would also like to see a remake with British comedians.

(Ep 105, Rec 2015)


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