104: SFFCH – The Quiet Earth

104 The Quiet Earth SF

Join us on our mythical quest, as the Fellowship of Spoiler Filled journey to the far off land of Middle Ear…Oh alrite, it’s New Zealand! They’ve done more than hobbits and adventurous quests, you know. They’ve also done post-apocalyptic isolationist sci-fi. Well, what else are you gonna do with all that beautiful wide open space? I am, of course, talking about the 1985 cult movie The Quiet Earth, which is about one of Earth’s last survivors as he wakes up to find the planet deserted. Will this new world become his endless playground or his own personal form of hell? Join Rich, Ant and Jamie this time as they bring up for discussion such things as ambiguous endings, bald men in negligĂ©s and just where does someone get a lifesize cardboard cutout of Hitler and The Pope.


We apologise for some lesser sound quality, Ant recorded this in our New Zealand branch underground science bunker.

(Ep 104, Rec 2015)


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