103: SFFCH: The Long Kiss Goodnight

103 The Long Kiss Goodnight SF

‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray!’ would like to bestow upon you ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’, a 1996 action movie from the writer of the Lethal Weapon series, which one of our members may describe as ‘Die Hard…with a woman’! It’s Abi’s choice this week, so join her, Rich and Jamie as they traverse the numerous explosions, smashed windows and witty banterings of this somewhat forgotten about gem. So, if there are any mums out there with a secret appreciation for action movies, come and join our discussion on nightmarish deer animatronics, calling your appallingly cruel villain ‘Timothy’ and just how many ‘tops’ this movie manages to get ‘over’. The movie also stars an indestructible Samuel L. Jackson (sorta).

(Ep 103, Rec 2015)


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