089: SFFCH – Fido

089 Fido SF

The Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray choosing wheel has spun around to Ant once again, who on this occasion has brought in ‘Fido’ from 2006. It’s a Canadian comedy domestic 1950s melodrama with zombies? Yes, that sounds right. What is this strange world where they had a zombie apocalypse instead of World War II, and now everyone zombifies when they die? And how did it come to pass that controlled zombies are now the slave class? How strange is all of this? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chatter on about the ethics of enslaving the undead, keeping your servant even after he has murdered one of your neighbours, and whether it’s not just a little bit icky to keep a zombie as your love slave. Did Abi and Rich take it all too seriously? Perhaps, but it did make for a nice chat. Oh, and that was Billy Connolly? Astounded. (Ep 89, Rec 2015)


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