088: SFFCH – Mortal Kombat

088 Mortal Kombat

‘Mortal Kombat’! Rich, Ant and Abi let out their inner fighters, and far too many wrestling references, as they chat about this 1995 Paul WS Anderson movie. They contrast wildly with the beloved video game version, and wonder wildly just what kind of tournament it is, really! What are the rules? Why is it called ‘Mortal’ Kombat, when the contestants are immortal? Is it all in another universe? Are Subzero and Scorpion badly misused and neglected, and what’s going on with the bizarre adaptation of Reptile? Of course, they all ended up liking the movie still. Welcome to ‘Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray’, where such things can happen! (Ep 88, Rec 2015)

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