086: SFFCH – Encounters At The End Of The World

086 EncountersSF

Once again the Film Bin Crew dare to go where they haven’t gone before, in this instance to the land of documentaries and Werner Herzog. Yes, Rich has brought in ‘Encounters at the End of the World’ from 2008, and Ant is there to discuss it with him. They seemed to like the documentary very much, contrasting it favourably against ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, and especially appreciating the Herzog presence, eschewing as it does the normal invisibility technique of documentary makers. Points of interest include: The bucket head game used for training people to survive in a blizzard, a poor confused penguin, the eccentricity of the inhabitants of the South Pole in general, the ever so slightly awkward editing style, and that sturgeon. (Ep 86, Rec 2015)


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